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Chronic Pain Specialist

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The suffering, stress, and daily limitations that come from Chronic Pain are difficult for most people to fully appreciate. But anyone who suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”), Fibromyalgia, or Failed Back Surgical Syndrome (FBSS) and other failed treatments, knows that Chronic Pain can be so debilitating that even the simplest daily tasks become difficult or excruciating. Dr. Joseph Enayati and Dr. Charles Gruver understands that any Chronic Pain condition is a problem that needs to be resolved and he works hard to find a real, long-term solution for each of his Chronic Pain patients. Dr. Enayati and Dr. Gruver are Chronic Pain Specialists located in Beverly Hills.

Chronic Pain Q & A

How is Beverly Hills Pain & Spine different when it comes to treating Chronic Pain?

Often patients come to Beverly Hills Pain and Spine after being told by other doctors that they need to “learn to live with the pain,” stay on chronic narcotic medications, or “must have surgery.” Our approach is different -- Dr. Enayati and Dr. Gruver's team want to find a way to stop your Chronic Pain from interfering with your life as much as possible and keep you as active as possible. There are so many options for treating Chronic Pain and Dr. Enayati and Dr. Gruver are skilled at finding the best approach for each individual patient.

What causes Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain can arise from many different sources. Sometimes the cause is clear, such as an injury that never fully healed. Sometimes the cause is difficult to understand, like with fibromyalgia. And sometimes Chronic Pain slowly creeps up on a patient until he finally gets to the point that it is no longer tolerable, like with some arthritis conditions. In specific instances, medications themselves can increase the feeling of chronic pain and suffering.

Car Accidents are a surprisingly common source of Chronic Pain. Victims often feel fine immediately after an accident but days or weeks later start feeling significant back or neck pain that does not resolve on its own.

What solutions do you recommend for this type of pain?

There are a vast array of treatments for common pain -- too many to list here! Sometimes a simple injection can work wonders; for example, some chronic neck pain can be resolved with a steroid injection into the tiny cervical facet joints in your neck. For severe cases of CRPS and other chronic pain in the arms or legs, a spinal cord stimulator can sometimes work wonders. Ketamine Infusions are an exciting and highly effective treatment for CRPS, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions that are too widespread for localized treatment. Dr. Enayati and Dr. Gruver have talent for determining the best treatment, not just for your condition but specifically for you as an individual.

Will Dr. Enayati or Dr. Gruver prescribe me narcotics to treat my Chronic Pain?

Beverly Hills Pain & Spine is a low-narcotic practice, meaning Dr. Enayati and Dr. Gruver prescribes narcotic medications only when absolutely necessary and usually not as a long-term treatment. Often there will be a more effective treatment option for you that can better target your pain symptoms with fewer serious side effects than narcotics. More and more research is coming out demonstrating the dangerously addictive qualities of narcotics and often the risk for narcotics abuse outweighs the potential benefits of treatment of chronic pain with narcotics. If another provider is currently prescribing narcotics for you, Dr. Enayati generally will not take over that prescription.